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60 years Heson

1964 – 2024

Quality tools since 1964

The family-owned business Heson looks back on long tradition decade. A continuous extension of the product portfolio and a solid, continuous growing shaped the development. The last years were dominated in renewal of the technical infrastructure.

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60 Jahre Heson

The company celebrates its 60th anniversary

50 years Heson

The company celebrates its 50th anniversary

Continuous improvement

The 5th decade of the companies history is characterized of steady improvement and a continuous expansion of the product portfolio. Meanwhile Heson belongs to the leading manufacturers of diamond and boron nitride tools.

Renewal of the infrastructure

2010 a phase of complete renovation starts. 2010 a new, digitized electroplating is implenented. 2013 the electroplating wastewater plant will be renovated fundamental too.

Growing demand

The first years after millenium are for Heson marked with growing and expansion. This is not only valid for the turnover und the quantity oft he countries Heson delivers to but also for the quantity of workers.

Next generation

In 1997 the sons Uwe and Frank Sonnenberg are taking over the management of the company.

Moving of the headquarter

Due to the positive development bigger premises are necessary in 1974 and 1993. Heson moves to a new company domizile. Today the high quality diamond and boron nitride tools are produced in the own domizile in Keltern near Pforzheim.

Founding the company

In 1964 Herbert Sonnenberg and his wife Sonja establish the company Heson-Sonnenberg-finish in the Golden City of Pforzheim. From beginning the optimization of the surface of tools consisting of metallic material is the core competence. Soon production of diamond tools follows.