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Heson Touch Icon

Save our website to your favorites via App-Icon

Heson Touch-Icon

Save our website to your favorites via App-Icon.


  • Tap in the lower area of your apple instrument the Divided-Button – this is the blue square with the arrow pointing upwards.
  • In the window that opens, select “Go to home screen”.
  • Confirm the message by clicking on “Add”.
  • Now you have a small app icon on your home screen.

Android – Firefox

  • Tap in the higher area of your android instrument the overflow menu – these are three small points top right.
  • With a finger on the star, you save the bookmark under the favorites and later find it next to the most visited pages in the bookmark tab.
  • At this point you can tap “settings” in the small pop-up below the bookmark and save the website directly on the start screen.

Android – Chrome

  • Open a desired page in the Chrome browser.
  • Tip top right to the three little points to open the menu.
  • Choose „Add to the home screen”.
  • The icon with the corresponding website link will then be stored on your home screen.

For the chrome browser you have additional the possibility to place a bookmark on the home screen using a widget.

  • Drag one of the widgets from the overview onto the home screen.
  • This automatically opens the bookmark overview of the Chrome browser.
  • Choose the requested bookmark. It now appears as a quick access on the home screen.
  • In addition to the simple widget, there is also a larger version for up to four bookmarks.