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Heson Diamond tools

Diamond and boron nitride tools “Made in Germany”



Heson Precision diamond files

Extensive file programm for the most demanding



Rotating precision tools

Wide portfolio of long life grinding pins



Heson Diamond grinding tools

For the precise dressing of grinding wheels



Heson Diamond sharpening steel

For an extra strong ground



Heson Special tools

Tools according to your wishes



Heson diamond files in gold

Files for special occasions

Welcome at Heson diamond tools

Since more than 50 years the company Heson from Keltern represents the diamond and Boron nitride tools “Made in Germany”. The goals we set ourselves must fullfill the highest quality requirements. Besides our decades of experience and our big know how our company is characterized by reliable delivery and serious order processing.

Thanks to our professional and precise production, we count companies from all over the world among our customer base – because buying diamonds is a matter of trust.

Heson also stands for environmentally friendly production in electroplating. Our wastewater systems are checked regularly and correspond to the state of the art.

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Welcome at Heson diamond tools
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Diamond or boron nitride?

since 1964

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